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Side Kick Trauma Plate

Side Kick Trauma Plate

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  • 5"x8"
  • 100% Woven Aramid construction
  • Foam encapsulated in PU-coated polyester cover
  • Waterproof
  • Increases blunt force trauma protection over the sternum
  • "Level IIIA ICW" (In Conjunction With level II armor); Increases protection of your level II vest to IIIA
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The Side Kick is a trauma champion forged with cutting-edge science and a waterproof foam encapsulated cover. Side Kick disperses the shockwave from violent impacts and increases protection of your Level II vest to Level IIIA. Lightweight and thin, the Side Kick integrates seamlessly into your soft armor system. Our carriers each provide an integrated trauma plate pocket over the sternum for added impact protection.