• Comfortable
  • Stylish Functionality
  • Superior Sound Quality
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Intrepid RC Ear Protection


$99.00 USD

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Intrepid BT Ear Protection

Bluetooth Enabled

$149.00 USD

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Intrepid Ear Protection

Full Dynamic Range

$79.00 USD

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Expertly Designed For Optimal
Protection And Comfort

In designing our hearing protection we knew that beyond simple decibel reduction, we also needed to create something that we would want to wear. WarBird hearing protection needed to be efficient, comfortable, and packed with features that professionals who “live in” hearing protection would appreciate. Whether your needs are for heavy equipment operation, shooting sports, yardwork, or just to tune out unwanted noise, WarBird has your solution.

Functional and Comfortable
Slim Cup Design

Previous slim cup designs sacrificed protection in the name of being less obnoxiously sized. This is why many of those models offer less protection and fewer features. At WarBird, instead of simply trying to shrink the form factor, we redesigned from the ground up while taking advantage of new materials and technologies to finally create an ear cup that had both the form AND function we desire as professionals.


Superior Sound Quality

Electronic hearing protection has been a great advancement; we no longer have to sacrifice hearing the outside world while protecting ourselves. Where others have failed is to take advantage of the incredible audio technology we all enjoy in premium audio headphones. Our integration of modern audio technology is intended to give you accurate audio perception of the world around you, while still offering protection.

  • Full Dynamic Range HD Speakers for Clear, Balanced Sound (40mm, 20 ohm)
  • High-Definition Sound Effects
  • Two Omnidirectional Microphones
  • Low Frequency Tuned for Natural Sound Clarity
  • Sound Active Compression- 0.01 Second Reaction Time
  • 2 mS Attack Time- Superior protection against damaging noise levels
  • NRR 23dB (Noise Reduction Rating)

TPU-Covered Gel Ear Pad

As professionals, we understand what it feels like to wear hearing protection for hours on end. The best protection in the world becomes a nuisance if the ear and head padding has already “checked out” for the day, or is perfect as long as you don’t have to move your head or press up against anything. That’s why WarBird has opted to pre-upgrade our sets. Gel ear pads and flexible headbands come standard on our premium rechargeable models, Intrepid RC and Intrepid BT.

TPU – Thermoplastic Polyurethane is a class of plastic made from polyurethane that has unique characteristics.

  • Elasticity- Lending itself to shock and impact absorption
  • Liquid Resistance- Resistant to oil, grease, and other residue stains
  • Abrasion Resistance- Resistant to scrapes and abrasions helping to maintain form and appearance
  • Heat Resistance- Resistant to low-medium grade heat sources, preventing melting and distortion of the cups
  • High Strength- TPU is one of the toughest materials on the market, making it ideal for high stress situations

Gel Ear Pad

  • Maximum comfort from gel vs. traditional foam molds
  • Reduced hotspots and better seal when worn with eye protection
  • Better seal capability overall (with or without eye pro)
  • Greater NRR achieved


8 Hour Battery Life

Just because we’re in the shop, out in the field, or on the range doesn’t mean life stops. For those who want to remain in touch with the world beyond their task, WarBird offers the Intrepid BT model with Bluetooth connectivity to your mobile device.

  • Audio input controls
  • Incoming/Outgoing Call controls
  • Quick Pairing (3 sec) within 3 feet

Note: Intrepid RC and Base Intrepid Models do not have Bluetooth capabilities


3-Mode Operation

The Intrepid BT’s 3-Mode Operation keeps you in control of how the modes will function. Switch to Bluetooth only or Shooting Only to conserve battery life and get just the audio you want, or engage Bluetooth and Shooting mode for noise compression with amplification of the Bluetooth audio.

  • Bluetooth and Shooting Mode (amplification/compression)
  • Bluetooth Only
  • Shooting Only

Note: Intrepid RC and Base Intrepid Models do not have Bluetooth capabilities