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Ghost Hawk Concealable Carrier

Ghost Hawk Concealable Carrier

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  • Lightweight DWR-treated microfiber nylon for increased durability and protection
  • Moisture-wicking and anti-microbial comfort liner provides for evaporative cooling
  • High-quality hook-and-loop closure material for reliable securement
  • Padded shoulders for increased comfort during extended wear
  • Bottom wear casing for added abrasion resistance
  • Eight (8) point adjustable hook-and-loop closure system for maximum adjustability
  • Concealed pocket for 5" x 8" trauma plates
  • Internal hook and loop suspension secures soft armor to carrier
  • Heavy-duty elastic for long-lasting durability
Includes Free Dopp Kit
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The Ghost Hawk's engineered minimalism delivers uncompromising concealment without sacrificing comfort or protection. Based on decades of industry experience, Ghost Hawk has all the tried-and-true features you need without the gimmicks. Moisture-wicking and anti-microbial comfort liner provides for evaporative cooling. Ghost Hawk is sleek, stylish, comfortable, and practical.


#1 reason armor fails: It fails to be worn.

Through decades of experience, thousands of individuals measured, and countless hours of wearing armor in virtually every imaginable condition, WarBird developed its CORE Pattern System to maximize your armor’s coverage and comfort.


The effectiveness of body armor is equal to its ballistic protection, times the area of coverage, times the time it is worn.


The WarBird CORE pattern system strives to perfect the balance between comfort and area of coverage which allows you to stay on the job and in the fight.

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